Calibration and Monitoring for
CMS Calorimeters RDMS working group

Group list:
 Vladimir GavrilovITEP
 Lyudmila SarychevaSINP MSU
 Andrei DemianovSINP MSU
 Eugeni Doroshkevich  ITEP
 Alexandre ErshovSINP MSU
 Andrei GribushinSINP MSU
 Olga KodolovaSINP MSU
 Victor KolosovITEP
 Andrei KrokhotineITEP
 Igor LokhtineSINP MSU
 Alexei OulianovITEP
 Sergei PetrushankoSINP MSU
 Konstantin TeplovSINP MSU
 Irina VardanianSINP MSU

List of tasks:

    Test beam calibration and on-line monitoring.

  1. Develop methods how to calibrate modules of HCAL(+ECAL) at the beam. - A.Gribouchine, A.Erchov, V.Kolosov
  2. Establish the scale in 'GeV' for each calorimeter cell (ECAL+HCAL+HF). - A.Krokhotine, A.Oulianov
  3. Creation and maintenance of dynamical database with calibration coefficients used for online calibration.- A.Oulianov
  4. Slow control e.g. monitoring of signal from HF (LED/LASER/Source). Control for the variation of calibration constants due to radiation damage. - A.Gribouchine, A.Erchov
  5. Monitoring of radiation fields using signal from radiation monitors - A.Gribouchine, A.Erchov
  6. Program support of geometry and calibration database for off-line reconstruction:

  7. Model of radiation damages (HF/HE) - A.Gribouchine, A.Erchov
  8. Update of HF geometry in CMSIM - V.Kolosov
  9. Creation and maintenance of the database with calibration constants in ORCA.- A.Oulianov
  10. Algorithms development for calibration and monitoring in situ:

  11. Develop algorithms to do calibration using benchmark processes (gamma+jets, Z+jets, isol pi etc.) - I.Vardanian, O.Kodolova, I.Lokhtin
  12. Develop algorithm for pile-up subtraction (event by event) - I.Vardanian, O.Kodolova
  13. The study of a possibility to use the radial Et distribution inside jet at L1 trigger. - A.Krokhotine
  14. Jet and MET energy scale correction in dependence from the type of the object or process. - A.Krokhotine.
  15. Determine the set of calibration constants for L1. - A.Krokhotine
  16. Optimization of weights (k1,k2) in k1*ECAL+k2*HCAL weighted sum to improve jet energy resolution - A.Oulianov
  17. Monitoring of variation of calibration constants using pile-up events. In particular based on the fact that average response of Ķells having one and the same eta have to be equal. - S.Petrouchanko, K.Teplov

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