During the meeting plans on the future were discussed. At the center of discussion was question about 'Creation and maintenance of the database with calibration constants'. We agreed that method which will be used to obtain these constants have to be:

  1. simple
  2. reliable
  3. it can be readily applied during detector operation to check validity of these constants.

At the moment some set of calibration constants is used in CMSIM. We need to understand better the method used to derive them. (Irina was asked to prepare talk on this subject at the next meeting). In case if this method satisfy our requirements we'll take it as the base for the future work. In the opposite case we probably need to develop other method.

Alexei Oulianov is responsible for the creation of this database in ORCA. He talked about his plans. He said that at first he need a some time (about 1 month) to study what was done in this direction before to avoid double work and then he'll start working. Olga proposed to him at the beginning try to create database for HF because it seems that HF is the most 'understandable' device for our group. The first design view of the HF database Alexei with help of Victor should present on the next meeting at the beginning of February.

At the end of the meeting Victor gave a current status of HF simulation in CMSIM. He said that full GEANT simulation gives right description of detector but fast simulation so far works with old shower libraries. But even for this fast simulation it's possible to obtain approximately 'right' answer if we chose right calibration constants.