Information About SkyNet

SkyNet is a cluster of Linux PCs in ITEP.


Now we have about 20 workstations and 12 batch machines with 64-256 MB RAM and 1-45GB of disk space on each. Most machines are connected to 100TX Ethernet (all machines of CMS/HF group). Users can have access to EXB8700, CD-RW drive and scaner including transperant network access. Since 20.08.1999 we have the batch farm (12 nodes).


The translation to glibc2 was finished in July of 1998 and now almost all software is based on these libraries. The version of libraries is 2.1.1. As to other software resources the following packages can be used in SkyNet for productive work:

Access restrictions:

Due to continuous Internet attacks against our machines (and other machines in ITEP as well) I applied the following limitations: NOTE! All attempts of illegal access are logged, and the information will be sent to CERT and FAGCI.

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